自然界でもデザインでも変わらない原理として、部材が三角形を構成したとき、強い構造になる性質があります。その状態をトラス構造と呼びます。この棚はトラス構造を応用し、3枚の板を組み合わせた三角形を構造に持つ事で、三角形の角が表に現れ限りなく薄い棚に見えるデザインになっています。2009年 グッドデザイン賞受賞

According to the principle which holds true both in the natural world and in design, individual components form a strong
structure when organized into triangles. This configuration is known as a truss structure. The design of these shelves applies
this truss structure concept and, through a construction which forms triangles by combining three boards, the angles of those
triangles appear on the front side to give the look of an extremely thin shelf. 2009 Good Design Award Winner